Finding the right location for your shoot can be tricky... I'm going to share some of my most FAVORITE locations to shoot at in Maine and the Seacoast/Southern New Hampshire areas!

Wagon Hill Farm

Durham, NH

This location is absolutely perfect when it comes to its foliage! In the summer, the trees are full of thick green leaves, and in the fall those leaves become stunning shades of amber and burgundy; giving you New Hampshire's finest backdrop of colors. This location is my go-to when giving suggestions to clients in search of a local, earthy aesthetic!

Fort Foster

Kittery Point, ME

This stunning beach has so much to offer! The huge bridge not only provides a unique backdrop, but even helps block out any possible harsh sunlight when shooting by to it (my personal dream come true)! This location has a large plot of grass with picnic tables and grills- perfect for making a day trip before your session!

Footbridge Beach

Ogunquit, ME

Similar to Fort Foster, this location also has a bridge! To reach the beach, you have to cross over the bridge that has Ogunquit River flowing beneath it. On the side of the river is a calm shoreline with grassy areas and trails, and the main beach is on the other end of the bridge. This beach has endless possibilities when it comes to scenery!

Prescott Park

Portsmouth, NH

Gardens, historical buildings, and adorable sidestreets are just a few of the spots that make this location so versatile. The various backdrops at this spot will have people thinking that you traveled to five different locations for your shoot, but nope- just one! This location is so peaceful and lively!