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I'm Devyn!

Hi! My name is Devyn and I am the owner and photographer of Photography by Devyn Sky. I come from a family of six kids, so I have always lived a busy lifestyle. I am a gymnast and a dancer, a lover of all living things, and I apply my creative mind to everything I do. Growing up, my favorite thing to do was to take pictures with my mom's camera. I took pictures of EVERYTHING. I loved the thought of the pictures I took being an everlasting memory. She ended up getting me my own camera so that I would take pictures as often as I wanted without her wondering where her camera disappeared to. I have taken my love for photography, and created my own business with it- little Devyn's dream come true.

Not everyone likes being in front of a camera. My goal is to make my clients feel confident and comfortable during their session. Achieving these things helps create more genuine moments for us to capture!

Why I do what I do

Since I was young, I had an obsession with capturing every moment that I could. I would tell myself that once our memories have faded from our minds, pictures would be there to remind us of happy experiences. it is so important to me that I capture my clients' memories in the most genuine way, so that they can have a tangible memory to cherish forever.

my photography favorites

STYLE // Candid moments

Stiff posing isn't my type of style- I prefer to have my clients feel as natural as possible during their shoot. I achieve this by "directing" my clients to move in certain ways, as opposed to strictly positioning them. Giving my clients ways to act while shooting allows me to be able to shoot them while they move naturally!

TIME OF DAY // Golden hour

The natural glow of the sun during golden hour is perfect for perfectly lit media without harsh lighting! The golden light peeking through from behind my clients is breathtaking!

LOCATION // Wagon Hill Farm in Durham, NH

I just LOVE this location! The greenery covering the fields makes for many different photo opportunities. There's so much room for creativity and variety!


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Kind Words

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Emily K.

"My session was absolutely amazing! Devyn was very enthusiastic to work with and took so many great photos! He went above and beyond having everything back so quickly. All the images came out looking great. I would highly recommend him to anyone and I hope to get the chance to work with him again!"