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Wedding Day Questionnaire

No two weddings are the same! The intent of this form is to gather as much information as possible so that all of the details are in one place. This will help your photographer plan ahead so that you, the client, can be worry-free throughout your special day! Please answer each section as thoroughly as possible, as this will be an important tool for your photographer, even if you do not plan to have them there for specific parts of your day. Simply input "N/A" if not applicable. Completing this form will also help you to decide which parts of your wedding you want the photographer to service based on your desired package and timeline. Nothing entered has to be set in stone, so please don't worry if you feel that plans might change- if you know of any possible changes while filling this out, please include any details. If any changes are made after this form is submitted, please be sure to reach out to your photographer so that they can be on the same page!
Thank you!! 
Desired Wedding Package

Bride/Groom - Person 1

Bride/Groom - Person 2

Reference Photos
Feel free to oupload any photos of decorations, attire, wedding details, etc.!

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Thank you!! So excited for your wedding day!

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